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About ConceptDG

If you are a steel fabricator or Panel Fabricator looking for a reliable firm to perform your shop detailing,
then Concept DG Adelaide is the team for you.

We utilize the industry leading 3D modeling software "Xsteel" with a depth of expertise in a wide range of construction disciplines.
We have been using Xsteel since 1997 and can easily adapt the system to suit your business.
Heard that "XSteel" can not be customised to how you like it? Not True, we have been doing exactly that for the last 12 years,
for all our clients with great success.

Winner of the "2008 National Public Building Award - Under $10 Million" for the steel detailing for the,
Woy Woy Church in New South Wales. As shown below.

Winner of the Global "Xsteel" modelling competition for the steel detailing of the Sikh Temple in Melbourne VIC. In 2001,
gives you confidence in our ability to deliver complex and unusual projects.